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Presidential Address

Welcome to our site!
I sincerely welcome you to use this site.
Through this site, I hope to interact with the people in the world and to deepen the information and technology that we have accumulated so far.
And I hope to further develop by receiving new stimulus from interaction with everyone.
Thank you,

Oct. 2018
Koyuki Onuma, president of JADTA


JADTA is to develop communication among dance therapists and the people concerned with dance therapy, to inform the role and its techniques of dance therapy, and to promote dance therapy in mental health and the community-at-large.


JADTA is a non-profit organization founded in Tokyo in 1992.
The number of members is 235 in 2021.
The certification system for dance therapist started in 1999, and two more qualifications, associate dance therapist and dance therapy leader, started in 2005.

The board of directors


Yukiko Onuma (professor of Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences)

Honorary president

Takane Hirai (Nara Rhythm-Dance Therapy Center, honorary professor of Nara Women’s University)


Sharon Chaiklin (the 2nd president of ADTA)
Toru Iwashita (Butoh dancer of Sankaijuku)
Gosei Hirata (Executive Director of Jikei Gakuen)
katsumi Yamanaka
Shoichi Machida (honorary professor of Otsuma Women’s University)


Toshiharu Kasai (professor of Sapporo Gakuin University)
Yukari Sakiyama (associate professor of Mukogawa Women’s University)

General Manager

Arisa Yagi (professor of Japan Women’s College of Physical Education)

Editor of Japanese Journal of Dance Therapy

Toshiharu Kasai

Committee for dance therapist certification

Yukari Sakiyama

Committee for training

Yukiko Onuma

Committee for Regional D/MT Promotion

Keiko Kawagishi (Kansai Medical University)

Committee for public relathions

Jin Hoshino



We have the training lecture twice a year and annual conference. In there we provide comprehensive knowledge and workshop of dance therapy for members and citizen.


We organize a certification system to raise technical level and qualify therapist’s ability.


We support member’s study by publicizing our annual journal “Dance Therapy Study”.


At first, we have seasonal newsletter “JADTA News”. We introduce some news about dance therapy and relational information as domestic & international topics, articles & references, and interview with special persons.
Next, by our official site, we provide information of dance therapy, activity of our members, events, database, and SNS.


We aids our members to act in their area. For example we have aided some members for supporting the survivors from the earthquakes.

International Exchange

We take part in the evens for dance therapy in foreign countries and promote international relationship.

Certified Dance Therapist

We have a certification system for dance therapy. We have certified about 30 certified dance therapists.


We issue “Japanese Journal of Dance Therapy” every year.

Annual Conference

We hold Annual Conference around Japan every year.


Japan Dance Therapy Association
office: MC-MUSE, 2-17-13, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 JAPAN
call: +81-3-3812-3605
fax: +81-3-3812-0376